Container for sharp instruments

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Container for sharp instruments

Class: B, C

Capacity: 2 l


Single-use container (yellow) МК-01 “MedKom” (for collection of sharp instruments of class B), 2 l.

Single-use container (red) МК-01 “MedKom” (for collection of sharp instruments of class С), 2 l.


Collection and storage of used sharp instruments, needles from all types of syringes, Braun catheters, fistula needles, infusion cannulas for intravenous access, lancets, scalpel tips, including conditions of provision of urgent help.

Design features:

Item shape: rectangular.

Provides even distribution of load when an item is transported during provision of mobile urgent help: in a carrier bag or a working coat.

A cover provides tight closure in two positions: “temporarily” and “completely” closed, with indication of repeated use for safe storage of needles in the process of exploitation of an item.

To provide extra stability on a surface when used I stationary conditions, an item can be completed with a reusable stand.

Item material: polypropylene.


Actual item capacity - 2 l.

Useful capacity – 1,25 l.

Item in a complete set – 150*175*140 mm.

Design options:

  • Class B (yellow) – epidemiologically dangerous wastes
  • Class C (red) – epidemiologically extra dangerous wastes

Complete set:

  1. Container - 1 pc.
  2. Tight cover- 1 pc.
  3. Label -1 pc.
  4. Stand - 1 pc./pack.

Number of items in a pack: 80 pcs.

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