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Manufacture and supplier of medical items

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About company

Limited liability partnership “NPF “MedKom” is the manufacturer and the supplier of equipment, inventory, and materials that help with safe utilization of medical wastes.
Brief overview:
  • We cooperate with state and private healthcare centers of Russia and CIS. We conclude contracts that provide our clients profitable supply of expendables and equipment.
  • We help to provide beneficial, ecologically safe, closed-circuit system for storage and utilization of medical wastes.
  • We treat every client regardless of his budget and status. We timely deal with all the issues of our clients.
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Company benefits

Company benefits

  • High performance
  • Respect and decency
  • Same-day shipping
  • Sufficient stock inventory
  • Special treatment
  • Your receive your orders within an agreed scope.

    We cooperate with a number of transport companies that are well reputable.

    Performance is one of the top priorities of our company.

    We appreciate trust of our clients and we know the value of time.

  • We treat every clien­t with care and respe­ct. 

    Regardless of your fi­nancial means and sta­tus, you will get:

                - answers to the rais­ed questions;
                - help in solving the­ asigned tasks;
                - first-class service­;
                - qualitative product­s delivered on time.

    We appreciate every c­lient and establish l­ong-term relations ba­sed on the mutual tru­st.

  • We cooperate with many state and private healthcare centers of Russia and CIS countries.

    Quality, accuracy, and benefits for the client are three priorities of our company.

    Orders are shipped the same day, so that you could receive products without delay or excuses.

  • Our stock reserve is huge, which allows storing and shipping any batches of goods that a client needs.

    We offer a qualitative equipment, and inventory for organization of a system for collection and utilization of wastes.

    Our premises correspond to standards of safety and terms of storage of goods.

    You get the best products that can be found in the market.

  • Every client addresses us with certain needs and tasks. We help to solve the arising problems fast and at lower cost.

    Every situation is different, so we never cooperate under a template.

    We will learn your expectations and will realize them using the available means.

    Special treatment in our case is solving client’s tasks in a way that is most profitable for him.