Company overview

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Manufacture and supplier of medical items

Company overview

NPF “MedKom” is the manufacturer and the supplier of equipment and expendables for utilization of medical wastes under all standards of safety.

Brief information:

  1. We cooperate with state and private healthcare centers of different specialization in Russia and CIS. We conclude contracts that provide our clients profitable supply of expendables and equipment.
  2. We help to provide beneficial, ecologically safe, closed-circuit system for storage and utilization of medical wastes.
  3. We treat every client regardless of his budget and status. We timely solve the issues of our clients. Here you will find a solution for a task of any complexity. We fulfil our obligations completely and in a due time.
  4. The top domestic companies trust us. LLP “NPF “MedKom” is the supplier of this type of products for many state companies with conclusion of contracts in Russia and CIS.

What you get:

In our company, we use the best technologies, the latest innovations, and the gained experience. By becoming our partner, you will find a company that is ready for mutually beneficial cooperation.